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Frequently Asked Questions

Cohousing is still relatively unusual in the UK - although happily more and more communities are opening all the time - and so we are often asked questions about how it works and what life is like here at Springhill. Here we try to answer the most common ones - but if you have another question, do get in touch, or come along to one of our Visitors' Afternoons. 

How do you make decisions?

Decisions that would affect the community are made using the consensus model - which is different to simple majority voting. Instead of simply voting for an item and having the majority getting their way, a consensus group is committed to finding solutions that everyone actively supports – or at least can live with. Learn more about consensus decision-making here.

Do you have your own kitchens?

Yes! Our lovely Common House has a fantastic kitchen where we cook three communal meals a week - but every property has its own kitchen, and attending and eating the communal meals is entirely optional. Everyone is expected to play at least a small part in the cooking rota, with a few exceptions for age and infirmity.

Is there a waiting list to move in?

There's no waiting list, but if the idea of Springhill appeals you can add your name to our Interested list, and we'll contact you when properties become available. 

Can I come to visit?

Yes - although we ask that people respect our homes and do not arrive here without contacting us first. We hold regular Visitors' Afternoons, two or three times a year; if you'd like to come along, learn more here.

What are the community responsibilities?

Keeping our community thriving takes effort in lots of different areas, but it's up to individuals to decide how they can best contribute - whether that's volunteering to chair a meeting, support the site maintenance, join a committee or help out with gardening. However, we do ask that all residents who are physically able to do so join the rotas for cooking (around once a month), locking up the Common House (around twice a year), and mowing the lawn (once a year).

Do residents have a veto over new members?

Absolutely not. Property owners at Springhill are free to rent or sell their properties to whoever they choose, and there is no "interview panel" or suitability assessment of potential new residents. We do encourage people who are seriously considering moving to Springhill to come to a communal meal where they can learn more about how we live together and ask any questions they may have. 

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