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Properties for sale or to rent

Springhill Cohousing has been designed to foster a sense of community whilst retaining individuals' needs for privacy. Please bear in mind that if you are seriously considering moving to Springhill you should be fully aware of the way the community works, your rights and responsibilities, and all the other enjoyable and important aspects of cohousing. Learn more at our About cohousing,  FAQ page, or get in touch.


Available properties

There are no properties available to buy or rent at present. 

To make sure you are kept informed when properties are for sale, you can add your name to the Interested list for future properties.



From time to time, Springhill residents have rooms to let, short or long-term, in individual houses. If you would like to hear about any vacancies, then contact us to put your name on the Interested list. 

Just like owners, lodgers are members of our community and have (almost) the same cohousing rights and responsibilities as everyone else. 


Visitor Days

We hold semi-regular visitors' afternoons about twice a year. For times and further details, or if you wish to visit Springhill for research or with a view to living here, then please contact our visitor coordinator.

Residents area
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